2022 Stewardship Campaign

April 24, 2022

“Praise the Lord from heaven… Praise the Lord from earth…
Let all creation praise the Lord!”

– Psalm 148 (Common English Bible)

God has intricately woven our lives together at this time in history so that we may be part of the healing work of God’s creation. What an amazing opportunity we have to be stewards of God’s creation; amid a myriad of challenges—devastating fire, wars that take human life, floods, droughts, and storms—we are to continue to bring glory to God and be a blessing to God’s people, particularly people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor.

In the spring, we have the opportunity to witness the signs of resurrection in God’s creation around us. Inspired by the beauty of budding trees, flowering bulbs, and the slowly warming temperatures, our Stewardship Theme is “Let all Creation Praise!” This theme explores the call to stewardship, as it was first given to us to be stewards of God’s creation. 

Of course, stewarding financial resources is part of stewardship. And to practice Christian stewardship and to be moved by it is to consider how we are called to be stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Please take some time to reflect on how your financial gifts can be used as a means to praise the Lord.

If you would like to submit a pledge form online, you may do so here.

We are asking that we receive all pledges by the dedication of our stewardship campaign on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

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