COVID Update

COVID Update

Updates to our Guidelines

September 20, 2022

Our COVID guidelines for worship change to reflect the current CDC community transmission level for Washtenaw County.

Washtenaw community transmission level can be found here.

When the level is High (Red): 
Masking in worship will be mandatory. Congregational singing will be paused. Spoken communal prayers will continue in all levels.

When the level is Medium (Yellow) or Low (Green): 
Masking in worship will be optional. Congregational singing will be resumed.

Thank you for your help in caring well for each other and looking after the vulnerable in our community.

We will continue to worship and glorify in creative ways that we have learned through the pandemic. This includes using “signs” (American Sign Language and creative body movements) for some songs. Thank you for your openness as we trust the Spirit to bring us into the presence of the risen Christ through this time of worship.

Please be sure to schedule all meetings, in person or online, with Margaret Compton in the church office. Please be sensitive to those who may not be comfortable meeting indoors or in person and locate your meeting appropriately to include all.

Worship is recorded and published online here.

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