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Westminster is active in outreach throughout the year, in many ways. Learn more here.

Reaching out beyond our church family to neighbors near and far is part of living our faith. We at Westminster help others locally and around the world, addressing immediate needs and bringing justice, aid, and education, in Christ’s name. Our offerings include hands-on service, donations of food and other items, and a variety of funded causes.

What is Riverside Community Gathering?

Riverside Community Gathering provides a place of sustenance and healing to our neighbors on the margins in Ypsilanti. Forty to fifty guests and workers gather weekly on Wednesday evenings at First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti. There, they build relationships and community as they prepare and share a meal together while sharing stories, joys and cares. It is truly a place where people’s names are known, where they are loved, and where their needs are respected.

Riverside is an outreach of the churches of the PC (USA) Washtenaw County Cluster, which has formed a steering committee to guide the project. Each church claims a designated week to help serve and to provide a dessert. Westminster provides a birthday cake for the community common celebration the first Wednesday monthly (sign up here or on the Mission bulletin board). Many congregants also give a gift of freshly baked bread on the first Sunday each month, a treat deeply appreciated by Riverside guests.

Westminster’s Sue Flynn is the Riverside coordinator, attending weekly, along with Elizabeth Tidd. Several others from Westminster also attend as they are able.

You can be a part of this amazing ministry! Contact Sue Flynn with questions or to arrange to:

  • Help prepare and serve the meal (arrive by 4:30).

  • Join the guests at the table for food and conversation. Encourage those around you to share names, interests, family stories and prayer requests.

  • Provide fresh fruit (always a welcome treat!), make a birthday cake for a first-Wednesday community celebration, or make a dessert for another week – cookies, brownies, baked goods – and deliver them, labeled, to Westminster by noon on Wednesday. 

  • Host a craft night. The guests love to participate in simple holiday or seasonal art projects. We’ve painted pumpkins, created leaf wreaths, formed God’s Eyes from sticks and yarn, colored murals and more. Arrive by 4:30 with supplies and invite guests as they arrive to join in the fun.

  • Provide dinner music. You’re welcome to come play the piano (there is one available in the room), flute, recorder, guitar, or other instruments. It adds a touch of class.

Westminster’s outreach efforts are patterned after Christ’s example of healing the sick, feeding the hungry and proclaiming his saving grace. We accomplish this through direct participation and by supporting the work of others locally, nationally and worldwide.

Learn more about the mission causes we support at Westminster support.

Our building and grounds might be just the location for your one-time or recurring event.

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