Are you thinking about church membership?

We are delighted that you are considering membership at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Whether you have been a part of the life of Westminster for some time or are new here, we encourage you to reflect on the following:

If you decide to join the church, we will welcome you enthusiastically into our membership. We will want you to demand more of us. We may ask more of you. We will want you to assume the responsibilities, rights and disciplines of church membership. We will take your decision seriously and want you to do the same.

If you decide not to join the church, we will also welcome you enthusiastically. We want you to feel warmly welcomed even if you choose not to join at this time.

What do we expect of a church member?

God has given you a measure of faith. Some have great faith. Some have the mustard seed variety. Do not compare yours with anyone else! The important questions are:

Do you affirm your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Do you promise to nurture that faith as part of your commitment?

God has given each of us gifts for service in the church and to the world. The church truly functions as the “body of Christ” when each of us shares our talents and abilities.

Will you identify the gifts which God has given you?

Will you share your gifts to support and strengthen the ministries of this church?

What do we expect of this body of believers?

We want Westminster Presbyterian Church to be a living, lively, growing, and committed community of Christians. That means a community walking closely with God through worship, individual and group Bible study and prayer, active participation in the programs and ministries of the church, and generous sharing of time and talents.

Please call the church office if you have questions or would like to pursue membership. One of the elders or pastors will be happy to talk with you.